News & Updates

Updated Emoji, Updated Flashcards

This website uses Twitter’s Twemoji emoji set and in Twemoji version 11.3 some pictures were updated - thanks Twitter!

These were:



Verbs (~ing)

There are collections of only the new cards from the category pages for people who would like to update their flashcards: Animals, Sports, Verbs (~ing).

Hobbies and Musical Instruments Flashcards Added

Hobbies and Musical Instruments flashcards have been added with English vocabulary.

Home and Parts of the Body Flashcards Added

Home and Parts of the Body flashcards have been added.

Alphabet & Numbers Added

Alphabet and Numbers flashcards have been added.

Korean Language Added

Thanks to Kelly, a Korean-English translator, Korean language flashcards have been added.

German Language Added

Thanks to Sherin from the Youtube channel ich heisse sherin German language resources have been added. Check them out here!

Countries Flashcards Added

Country flags have been added with English vocabulary 🎏

New Clothes and Nature Flashcards

Clothes and nature flashcards have been added with English and Spanish vocabulary.

More Spanish Vocabulary Added

Spanish vocabulary has been updated for all categories. There are now 478 Spanish flashcards! 😃 Big thanks to Rodrigo for the update. View Spanish flashcards, picture dictionaries and quizzes here

New Flashcards Added to Existing Categories

Existing categories have been updated to include more flashcards. This includes both new emoji added in Emoji 5.0 and also others that had been previously omitted.

For picture flashcards there are now:

60 Animals flashcards
73 Food flashcards
32 Sports flashcards
32 Transport flashcards
81 Feelings flashcards!

81 feelings flashcards is far more feelings than I can name.

The next update will be to add entirely new categories. The first new category can be previewed here :)